Square of Maritime Libraries

The "Square of Maritime Libraries" is an agreement between the Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation, the Eugenides Foundation, the University of the Aegean Library and the University of Piraeus Library, wishing to combine their collections on shipping and all matters relevant to maritime transport.

This agreement formalized and extended the existing collaboration of the libraries, in order to: a) collaborate for the acquisition of new book titles; b) reduce expenses and simultaneously increase the readability of the maritime collections of the three libraries; and c) to maximize their recognition as important collections in subjects of maritime transport.

This cooperation of the four libraries aims to:

  • continue the exchange of information about catalogs
  • maintain regular communication to expand cooperation by coordinating future acquisitions of new titles
  • establish and support a procedure for the exchange of materials / internal borrowing
  • design a logo that will reflect the cooperation of these three libraries; a logo that the libraries will place on their websites
  • maintain regular exchange of ideas for further expansion of cooperation an to
  • search for other collections (or and libraries) related to maritime transport and their possible integration into the existing cooperation by expanding formally the relevant agreement or by cooperating informally with any of the members

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