Reading Rooms

Reading rooms are available to users at all the Library branches during opening hours. Reading rooms provide direct access to the Library collections (main book collection, print journals, etc) equipment and facilities (workstations, library terminals, photocopiers, etc). The Library also offers individual study rooms.

Personal items like bags or umbrellas are not allowed in reading rooms or other areas of the Library. Users can store their personal items in special lockers that are located at the library reception. However, users are allowed to use in the reading rooms portable devices like tablets and laptops, their personal books and other material such as notebooks, which are necessary for the purpose of study and research.

To ensure smooth operation of the reading rooms and maintain a peaceful study environment, users must follow the following rules:

  • Talking and making noise is not allowed
  • Cell phones must be turned off or be on silent mode
  • Headphones are required for the use of audio-visual material (tablets and laptops)
  • No eating or drinking (coffees, soft drinks, etc) is allowed and
  • Users may use only one vacant seat for their study. Also, users are advised not to leave their seat unattended for a great length of time, if planning to return.