Rules & Regulations

1. All members of the University of the Aegean and the general public can make use of the Library’s local services, provided that the provisions of the current Regulation are fully met. Member of the University is considered any natural or legal person that is a member of the academic community as well as the registered students of the University.

2. Borrowing
2.1. Only the current (academic and administrative) staff as well as the registered students of the University of the Aegean are entitled to borrow materials.
A necessary requirement to exercise this right is to possess a Library member ID. The loss of a Library member ID should be reported immediately to the Library staff.
2.2 Non-circulating materials:
a) Reference books
b) Journal issues
c) Audiovisual materials
d) Certain books that are in high demand cannot be borrowed but rather consulted in the Library only for that period of high demand; the Branch Head has the sole discretion in this matter upon consultation with the Teaching staff.
e) Damaged material that needs preservation or replacement
f) Items of the Gray literature Collection (graduate and postgraduate dissertations, doctoral theses, technical or research reports)
g) Rare material
h) New entries before they have fully been documented and catalogued.
2.3 Loan periods for other materials in the Library are:
a) For Academic staff/instructors, postgraduate students, 15 days.
b) For undergraduate students and administrative staff, one (1) week
2.3.1 Loan periods and loan limits are defined by loan regulations. Loan periods can be prolonged and loan items can be increased only when a user, with distinctive and proven consistent observance of the Library rules for at least one (1) academic year, submits an application to the Branch Head to justify his/her demand, specify the exact due date and declare that the item will be returned when requested by another user.
In no case though, can the loaning period exceed the period of one (1) month for undergraduate students and two (2) months for postgraduate students and academic staff/instructors.
Moreover, undergraduate students can borrow up to 6 items, whereas postgraduate students and academic staff/instructors can borrow up to 15 items.
2.3.2. The loan period for materials of Library branches that are part of special collections and are not compatible with the studies programmes of the University Units (Schools and Departments) can differ from the usual loan periods. Relevant proposals are submitted at the beginning of every year from the Local Library Committees to the Central Library.
2.4 Readers may renew library items up to three times – for additional one-week periods – if no one has reserved them. The Library reserves the right to recall high demand items that are on loan.
2.5 If a book is checked out or in order, users can put themselves on a waiting list. When a book that is on a waiting list is returned, the Library reserves it for 12 hours for the first user on the list. After that period, the book is lent to the second user on the waiting list.
2.6 Any user, who repeatedly breaches the loan periods defined by the Library and restores overdue items, will face temporary suspension of borrowing rights for a semester, subsequent to the decision of the Local Library Committee.
2.6.1. The Library will charge a fine for every calendar day an item is overdue. Overdue fines are defined by the Central Committee of the Library at the beginning of each academic year.
2.7 Any student who has unsettled library accounts will not obtain his/her transcripts, thus being unable to graduate.
2.8 Anyone who trips the library’s alarm system in an attempt to remove an un-borrowed material will be asked to pay a fine.
2.9 Postgraduate students, the administrative and technical staff can borrow up to 3 books or other regularly circulation materials from the Library. Postgraduate students can borrow up to 6 and academic staff/instructors up to 8.
2.10 Users who misuse or loose Library material they have borrowed are obliged to replace it within fifteen days (15) and to pay the required fine.
2.11 In case of damage or loss of items, Library staff will evaluate the situation and a price will be collected through the process of the collection of public revenues.

3. Visitors are not permitted to take items, such as briefcases or bags, with them into the library and are required to leave them in the special area indicated by the Library staff.

4. Readers should leave the Library materials they use on the tables. Readers should not place themselves books back on the library shelves.

5. Smoking, drinking or eating is prohibited in the Library building area.

6. Library opening hours are determined by the Library Service and may vary according to staff availability.

7. The Library will be closed for material inventory at a time specified at least three (3) months before the inventory by the Library Service. During the period of three (3) months, all Library users are obliged to return any material they have borrowed. Unreturned items are considered missing and retained by the library user.

1. Special borrowing policies
1.1 Students and academic staff/instructors who attend the University as part of inter-university cooperation programmes have similar borrowing rights to students and academic staff/instructors of the University during their studies at the University.
1.2 Exercising his/her own discretion and upon consultation with academic staff/instructors, the Library Branch Head can reduce the loan period of books that are in high demand. An overdue fine is charged for the delayed return of items in high demand.
1.3 Exercising his/her own discretion and in special cases, the Library Branch Head can lent Library material to persons that are not affiliated with the academic community of the University of the Aegean. Non-affiliated users must submit their ID, and they are entitled to borrow library items for a period of one (1) week.