Rights & Responsibilities


  • Users should ask the Library staff for information about resources, services and operation issues.
  • Users can use the computers and the technical equipment of the Library for study, research and academic needs.
  • Users can use their personal portable computers (e.g. tablets and laptops) for study, research and academic needs.
  • Users, who do not have a personal portable computer and wish to use the Library’s reading rooms, can borrow a portable computer (e.g. tablet or laptop) from the Library.
  • Users can make photocopies of the material they are interested in (excerpts of books etc) or of non-circulating materials (journal articles, excerpts of items of grey literature etc), abiding by the relevant copyright or other intellectual property terms and conditions.
  • Users with special needs are served by order of priority


  • Acceptance of the Library member card implies compliance with the Library Regulations.
  • Users are expected to follow instructions provided by the Library staff, respect library facilities, and treat the Library staff and other users with respect.
  • Users must handle books, materials and equipment carefully. Otherwise, should a user damage any item, the user is obliged to replace or repair it.
  • Users are not allowed to bring personal items, such as bags or umbrellas, into the reading rooms or other areas of the Library. Users can store their personal items in special lockers that are located at the Library Reception.
  • Talking and making noise is not allowed in reading rooms and stacks.
  • Mobile phone use is not allowed inside the Library. Eating or drinking (coffees, soft drinks etc) is not allowed inside the Library, either.
  • Smoking is forbidden inside the Library.
  • Usersare not to enter unauthorized areas of the Library unless they are escorted by a member of the Library staff.
  • Users should notify the Library staff about changes in their personal data.
  • Users should check their institutional email account for updates about the Library.