Borrowing Policies

Who May Borrow Materials
Only the Aegean University members (Faculty, Students, Staff) who have issued a library membership card are entitled to borrow materials.
However, the Library can offer borrowing services to some special types of users. In particular:
• Visiting students and faculty who attend the University within the frame of inter-university cooperation programmes can obtain similar borrowing rights to students and faculty teachers of the University (they receive a Library membership card) in the course of their studies or their research at the University
• undergraduate and postgraduate students of the Hellenic Open University (HOU) who reside on islands with operating Units (Schools and Departments) of the University of the Aegean Library and
• other visitors. The Branch Head can, in special cases and based on their own judgment, lend Library material to persons who that are not affiliated with the academic community of the University of the Aegean. Non-affiliated users must submit their Identification Card, and they are entitled to borrow Library items for a period of one (1) week.

Non-circulating materials
Users should be aware that the following materials cannot be borrowed:
• Reference books
• Journal issues
• Audiovisual material
• Certain books that are in high demand by users for a specific period of time; this is decided at the discretion of the Branch Head and/or upon consultation with members of the Faculty
• Material in damaged condition that needs preservation
• Items of the Grey Literature Collection (graduate and postgraduate theses, doctoral dissertations, technical or research reports)
• Rare material
• New entries before they are fully documented and processed in the Library catalogues

Loan periods & Item Limits
The loan period for the rest Library material is set at:
- One (1) week for undergraduate students of the University
- Two (2) weeks for faculty members, postgraduate students and the administrative staff of the University

The number of loan items is defined as follows:
- Undergraduate students and the administrative staff of the University have the right to borrow up to three (3) Library items at a time
- Postgraduate students can borrow up to six (6) Library items at a time
- Faculty memberscan borrow up to eight (8) Library items at a time.

Loan periods and item limits are defined by loan regulations. Loan periods and loan items can be prolonged/increased only in the case when a user with distinctive and proven consistent observance of the Library rules for at least one (1) academic year submits to the Branch Unit an application to justify their demand, specify the exact due date and declare that the item will be returned when requested by another user. In no case, though, can the loaning period exceed the period of one (1) month for undergraduate students and two (2) months for postgraduate students or faculty members.

However, the loan period for materials which comprise special collections and are not pertinent to the study programmes of the University Units (Schools and Departments) can vary where the Library branches are concerned. The Local Library Committees can submit such proposals to the Central Library at the beginning of each year.

The Branch Head can, upon consultation with faculty and/or at their discretion, reduce the loan period of books that are in high demand. Overdue fine is doubled for the delayed return of items in high demand.

User obligations – penalties
Users who repeatedly breach the loan periods set by the Library are temporarily suspended of their borrowing rights for a semester, subsequent to the decision of the Local Library Committee.
The Library will charge a fine for every calendar day an item is overdue. Overdue fines are defined by the Central Committee of the Library at the beginning of each academic year.
Students with unsettled library accounts will not receive the required certification to participate in the inauguration.
Anyone who activates the library alarm system in an attempt to remove un-borrowed material will be fined.
Users who misuse or lose Library material they have borrowed are obliged to replace it within fifteen days (15) and to pay the required fine.
In case of damage or loss, Library staff estimates the cost and the price is collected through the process of the collection of public revenues.

Material inventory
The Library is closed for material inventory at a time specified by the Library Service at least three (3) months in advance. During this three-month period, all Library users are obliged to return any material they have borrowed. Non-returned items are considered as missing and the library user is charged accordingly.