O.P. "Education" II


The Third Community Support Framework 2000-2006 (CSF III) was the result of the agreement between the Greek Government and the European Commission for Community structural assistance for regions that fall under Objective 1, for the period January 1st 2000 to December 31st 2006.
One of the programmes of the CSF III was the Operational Programme for Education and Initial Vocational Training II (O.P. "Education" II) which was implemented by the Ministry for National Education and Religious Affairs (YP.E.P.TH.). The second phase of the Programme “Upgrading the University of the Aegean Library" was implemented under the O.P. "Education" II and the CSF III during the period 2000-2006.

Project details: 

- Measures 2.1 "Upgrading the Quality of Education"
- Actions 2.1.3 "Library Aid"
- Act category 2.1.3.e "Aiding and Enriching Academic Libraries"
- Project: "Upgrading the University of the Aegean Library"
- Measures 5.2 "Upgrading the Infrastructure and Equipment for the Improvement of Quality of Education"
- Actions 5.2.1 "Higher Education Libraries"
- Act category 5.2.1.b "Equipment for Central Libraries"
- Project: "Equipment for the Central Library of the University of the Aegean"
- Implementing Entity: University of the Aegean
- Project Managers: Kon/nos Man. Sofoulis (from 30/04/2002 to 31/08/2004),Sokratis Katsikas (from 01/09/2004 to 23/11/2005), Paradellis Theodoros (24/11/2005 to present)
- Address: University of the Aegean Central Library Office 3 Imbros str, 81100 Mytilene

Project budget: 

ESF (European Social Fund): 3,129,443 € ("Upgrading the University of the Aegean Library")

ERDF (European Regional Development Fund): 220,100 € ("Equipment for the Central Library of the University of the Aegean")

Project goals: 

The summarized main objectives of the project are to:

  1. carry out the tasks required to complete the automated catalogue of the Library and its integration into the Union Catalogue
  2. create a new profile for the Library, capable of serving users regadless of their location and offering some more effective assistance to the educational proccesses of the Institution by planning and implementing new digital services
  3. establish an evaluation mechanism for library services by using scientific assessment tools (in accordance with the performance indicators of Total Quality Management Unit of Greek Academic Libraries TQMU)
  4. digitally register the Grey Literature 5. to procure the equipment and scientific materials necessary for for implementing the Project
  5. recruit and train the necessary personnel to support the Project at the Central Library and its 5 Departments and to
  6. better organize the interlibrary loan service, in view of the future integration of the Library collection into the collective collection, enrich the catalogue with new records and increase borrowing and lending because of the development of the new services as mentioned above.

Project analysis: 

The first action of the project refers to the continuation or the design and implementation of new tasks required for enabling the Aegean University Library to participate in Horizontal Action goals (Union Catalogue, Inventory of Gray literature, keep up Library performance evaluation levels etc.).
The second action of the project aims to improve and make the use of existing digital information services of the Library better for users, further expand the services, implement new services and to initialize the pilot phase of collaboration with University Departments so that educational procedures and Distance learning are supported.