The meta-search engine Muse-Search allows the simultaneous search in e-resources of the Greek Academic Libraries Link, in the Union Catalog and in selected webpages. The specific service is expected to be integrated so as to provide personalized services of categorized search and information finding from various sources of scientific information (bibliographic catalogs, institutional repositories, digital libraries of institutions-members of the partnership, subscription sources and open resources of information).

Specifically, Muse-Search can connect all intranet resources or subscription services of a library under a common interface. It can simultaneously search many different information sources providing complete, unified and of excellent quality results to executives associated with knowledge management, forming strategies, with the comparative evaluation of competitive products as well as every manager or researcher who needs combined information from many resources. Thus Muse-Search improves the productivity of users, researchers and everybody associated to knowledge discovery, by enabling detection, access and comprehensive survey and retrieval of proper information and services from different remote resources, using a unified interface with only one search. Muse-Search communicates with its target sources through connectors by the MuseGlobal Source Library, which is constantly enriched. Today, MuseGlobal Source Library includes source packages for the following sources-targets: 5000 Databases, 182 libraries, 12 automated library systems, 4 Circulation and Patron Information Systems, 3 ILL Systems, 26 Web engines, 16 e-Commerce Systems, 4 Content Management Systems.
It also communicates with more than 50 Greek Bibliographic databases which are available through the Internet, such as: Universities, Technical Education Institutions and other sources (OPAC’s).

Μηχανή Μετα-Αναζήτησης Muse-Search


Association of Greek Academic Libraries (HEAL-Link)

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