Mission & Goals

The University of the Aegean Library was founded in 1984, the same year as the University.

The University of the Aegean Library embodies the concept of a “library network”, i.e. a network of library branches dispersed over six (initially four) islands of the Aegean Archipelago, where the different Units (Schools and Departments) of the University of the Aegean are located.

The Library started operating in 1986 and since then has managed to overcome all the difficulties of the geographic dispersion of the branches and continues to promote and defend its mission as a unified service with a single administrative unit and a common policy on all issues related to processing and cataloging, library strategy, planning and development.

At the same time, the Library’s goals are not limited to the traditional role of an Academic Library to support the teaching and research work of the members of the academic community, but to operate in a demanding environment of rich spiritual and cultural heritage that it has managed to elevate, promote and preserve the spiritual wealth of the Greek Archipelagos.

The Library’s ambition is to end the geographical isolation of the Aegean Islands by providing modern information services to users and act as the Library not just of the University of the Aegean but of the Aegean Archipelagos as a whole.

Mission & Goals