The University of the Aegean Library operates as a self-administered and decentralized service of the University and consists of:

The University of the Aegean Library follows the same structure as the University does and, from an administrative point of view, the Library is arranged in the following two groups:

  • Administration (Central Service)
  • Departments (Branches)

The Professor Supervisor is in charge of the Library Administration until the Library Operating Organization is issued. The Professor Supervisor is deputized by the Head of the Central Service.

The University of the Aegean Library is the only Library in Greece with branches on six (6) islands:

  1. Lesvos
  2. Chios
  3. Samos
  4. Rhodes
  5. Syros
  6. Lemnos

Despite the geographic dispersion of the six (6) branches, all Library branches operate as a unified service with a single administrative unit and a common policy on all issues related to processing and cataloging, library strategy, planning and development.