Locating Publications

The Library’s printed material consists of the main book collection, the collection of printed journals and special collections.

A printed item can be located by using the Library’s electronic Main Catalogue displaying information about the location, availability and the call number. Searching the Library’s Main Catalogue is possible through the Library Terminals that are available in every Branch.

How to locate a printed item on the shelf

To find an item on the shelf you need to know the call number, which you can find in the electronic Main Catalogue. All printed items are assigned a unique call number that can be found on the spine of the book.

Call numbers are a combination of numbers and letters.

The University of the Aegean Library uses the Dewey Decimal Classification System used to classify and place items on the shelves, starting from 000-999 according to the subject of the item. (Dewey Table)

Collections are distinguished by the prefix before the call number. Some indicative prefixes are described here:

  • Printed journals have the prefix SER
  • Reference material has the prefix REF Π
  • EUDOXUS textbooks have the prefix EUDOXUS

An example of a call number with a prefix is: REF Π 025.32 AAC

What actions can a user take if a printed item is not located on the shelf?

  • check the book carts, study tables (as another user might have left it there) and photocopy machines.
  • check if the call number is correct
  • check if the item has been borrowed on not
  • check if the item is on a waitlist
  • check in special collections that are usually located in special areas of the Branches

Users can always address the Library staff for assistance.