Donations Policy

The University of the Aegean Library and Information Centre appreciates donations of materials that enrich the existing collection and support the mission of the Library.

Donated material must enrich the existing policy for collection development and should be of particular interest to the University of the Aegean. The Library staff appraises the donations and gifts, especially when it concerns a small number of items, while, for a larger number of items, the final decision on their acceptance rests with the Central Library Administration. Donations are evaluated according to certain selection criteria.

Library staff appreciates how rare and valuable the donated materials are, the storage cost, the good physical condition, if the donated items complement the existing collection of the Library and the donor’s conditions.

The Library reserves the right to accept only part of a collection or refuse the entire donation. The donated material to the Library becomes the property of the Library and cannot be returned to the donor. The Library disposes the donated material according to the needs of the University. However, the Library can accept especially important donations under certain conditions as set by the donor.

The Library provides a Thank you note to donors as acknowledgement and receipt for their donation. Donors, as a rule, are responsible for the transportation costs associated with any donation.

The Library accepts donations of:
Monographs, audio-visual and digital material, complete journal series. The Library also welcomes the donation of rare and old items that will enrich its collection with the prospect of their possible digitization as the Library is equipped with the required technology.

The Library does not accept donations of:
Individual journal issues, literature books not related to the existing collection of the Library or items that do not include bibliographical citations or sources.

The donor must complete a special donation form, which is available online and at all the Branches of the University of the Aegean Library.
The donation form includes personal details and a detailed list of all donated items.