The use of Library materials (such as books, journals, dissertations, etc) are subject to the Law 2121/1993 (on Copyright, Related Rights and Cultural Matters). Based on this law, Library materials (such as books, journals, dissertations, etc) are available for personal study.

Storage, exploitation or reproduction of print copies for commercial use is not allowed in order to protect the interests of rightholders.

In particular, photocopy reproduction of books, journals, print items or other materials is not allowed. Only under certain and special circumstances, photocopy reproduction is allowed for the strictly private use of the user (for example excerpts of books) and non-circulating materials (for example journal articles).
In this case:
a) the user alone is responsible for the photocopy reproduction. The Library staff does not assist users in any photocopy reproduction of Library materials.
b) the photocopy reproduction by the user is for personal use only, or for use by narrow audience (close family and friends).

In any case, users must respect the permitted photocopying limits to ensure that such reproduction does not conflict with a normal exploitation of the work and does not unreasonably prejudice the legitimate interests of the author.
Specifically, only the reproduction of a small portion of copyrighted work, such as a small excerpt of a few pages of a book or a journal is allowed. The reproduction of the entire book or an entire journal issue or/and in multiple copies without the permission of the author or the publisher, it is not allowed under the Law 2121/1993 as it violates the rights of creator/holder, no matter if the act is performed by the user alone or for personal use only.

Users are fully responsible for any legal consequences arising from the violation of these restrictions. In such a case, the user must make full compensation to the natural or legal person who suffered property or ethical damage from illegal actions based on the Law 2121/1993. A felony may be punishable with imprisonment for one year and financial fine from 2.900€ to 15.000€, while heavier penalties may be imposed based on the damage and the circumstances indicated of illegal action.