Chios Branch


The Chios Library branch has been operating since 1985, i.e. when the Department of Business Administration was established. It is housed in the Mihaleio Building, together with the Department of Business Administration is spread over three (3) floors. The ground floor serves as a reception area and houses the point of service for users (counter) where the book borrowing, returning and reserving services are provided. On the same floor, the stands with the current issues of journals and newspapers are on display, as well as the collection of textbooks distributed to the students of the School of Business through the EUDOXUS programme, under the auspices of the Ministry of Education. On the ground floor there are also two (2) cabinets with audiovisual material, four (4) terminals for the users to search and a photocopier. Moreover, there are storing cabinets, where users can place their personal belongings on entering the Department.
The first floor serves as a reading hall, and also houses part of the main collection of books, the printed collection of Gray literature, i.e. undergraduate, graduate and doctoral theses completed at and submitted by the Departments of the University located on Chios, as well as other special collections, such as: informational material, publications of the Hellenic Statistical Authority (ELSTAT.), etc. On this floor, the following services available to users: a twenty-four (24) user seating capacity in the hall, three (3) carrel desks, three (3) terminals for the users to search and reading equipment for microfilm-microfiche.
On the lower ground floor, there are the Branch's movable bookcases with the greater part of the main collection, archived Greek and foreign journals and LOEB Classical Library series (Greek and Latin classical authors). There are: also one (1) carrel desk and one (1) terminal for the users to search.
The collection of the Chios Library Branch includes about 33,000 volumes (9,186 titles in Greek, 9,782 titles in English, 435 titles in French and 189 titles in German), as well as 100 Greek and foreign language journals. Also available are: the collection of Gray literature drafted completed at and submitted by the Departments of the University located on Chios, and other special collections, such as: reference material, publications of the Hellenic Statistical Authority (ELSTAT.), audiovisual material, maps, etc.
The Library is organized according to the international classification and cataloguing standards. More specifically, the Library materials are organized using the Dewey Decimal Classification System, the Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules 2 (AACR2) and the Library of Congress Subject Headings. The authority control is based on the Library of Congress Name Authorities and the Catalogue of Name Authorities of the National Library of Greece. Searching can be conducted in both the local collection and the unified union catalogue of the six (6) regional Library branches of the University of the Aegean. The branch also provides access to a large number of databases and journals.
The collection covers the areas of interest of the Hios University Departments, including a large number of titles of general interest. The Chios Library Branch covers mainly the following topics (subjects):
- business administration
- economic sciences
- tourism
- shipping
- law
- statistics
- accounting
- engineering
- mathematics
- chemistry
- physics

- Borrowing Services (Borrowing, Reservations, Renewals)
- IInterlibrary Services (inter-branch and inter-library loans)
- Ordering articles
- Studying on the Library premise
- Reproducing material (books, magazines, digital media)
- Management of EUDOXUS Books (borrowing, returning, distributing EUDOXUS textbooks)
- User Support and Train Services

The Chios Library Branch supports:
(A) the School of Business, which includes three (3) Departments, offering undergraduate courses in:
- Business Administration
- Shipping, Trade and Transport
- Financial and Management Engineering
(B) four (4) Postgraduate Courses in:
- Financial Management Engineering
- Business Administration
- Shipping, Transport and International Trade
- Tourism Planning, Management and Policy

The main purpose of the Branch is to provide the resources for the educational and informational needs of the members of the academic community (undergraduate and postgraduate students, faculty , researchers and administrative staff). The Branch is also open to residents of the island and visitors in general.


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