Socioeconomic Data Repository

The Socioeconomic Data Depository was developed by the Library and Information Centre within the Act “Digital Library of the University of the Aegean” which was funded by the Operational Programme “Digital Convergence” ERDF 2007-2013.

It is an integrated management system of socioeconomic data which includes the following services:

  • deposit
  • documentation
  • search
  • preview and
  • download of socioeconomic data

The aim of this service is to:

  • develop a uniform base of socioeconomic data for the Departments of the University of the Aegean that will prevent collecting from duplicate data in different parts of the institution
  • publicize the socioeconomic data accumulated through years of research and educational activities of the University of the Aegean and
  • safeguard the quality and the uniformity of socioeconomic data produced by the University’s Departments.

To have access to searching, previewing and downloading of socioeconomic data services please use the following link:

Access to the Socioeconomic Data Depository


Aegean University Library

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